The U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture both offer specialized loans to qualified small businesses.

SBA 7A & 504 LOANS

The U.S. Small Business Administration helps small business owners get funding through SBA loans. With their multiple SBA funding programs, this government agency provides SBA loan guarantees of up to 85% of the loan amount provided through an SBA-approved lender.

The main SBA loan programs let you borrow money for nearly any business purpose—including working capital, purchasing inventory or equipment, refinancing other debts, or buying real estate—through these SBA-guaranteed loans.

SBA 7A 6%+ Term 7-10 YR. & 25 yr. on CRE:
  • Working capital
  • Revolving funds based on the value of existing inventory and receivables
  • The purchase of equipment, machinery, furniture, fixtures, supplies, or materials
  • The purchase of real estate, including land and buildings
  • The construction a new building or renovation an existing building
  • Establishing a new business or assisting in the acquisition, operation or expansion of an existing business
  • Refinancing existing business debt, under certain conditions
SBA 504 3.5%+ UP TO 25 YR. TERM:
  • Existing buildings or land
  • New facilities
  • Long-term machinery and equipment

As of 2021, you can now refinance an SBA 7A Loan with an SBA 504 Loan for longer terms and lower rates, or for the improvement or modernization of:

  • Land, streets, utilities, parking lots and landscaping
  • Existing facilities


USDA Business Loans help to create jobs and stimulate rural economies by providing financial backing for rural businesses and properties. These loans help build businesses, grow communities and strengthen economies.

  • For-profit businesses
  • Nonprofits
  • Cooperatives
  • Federally-Recognized Tribes
  • Public Bodies
  • Individuals

USDA B&I Loans require our borrowers to need between $1 million and $25 million dollars. These businesses must be located in areas with a population of 50,000 or less.



“Gina truly cares about her borrowers; you don’t always find that quality out there. Gina has many lending sources and knows what lender will fit the needs of her clients. Having Gina as a lending partner has truly been a great experience and pleasure.”


Laurie Peterson
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