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Santa Monica: Technology Cloud-based Software Reporting Company, $11mm Acquisition of Norwegian Software Company

After speaking to several banks that did not understand the “tech space”, we presented the loan to one of our trusted SBA partners. We knew this partner would be creative and think outside of the box, which many banks are unwilling to do. This resulted in an approval to a loan that will take this company to the next level, and keep them there for years to come.

Loan Type: SBA US Foreign Trade

Loan Amount: $5mm

Loan Term: 6% 10yr. term


Private Lender Bridge Loan which includes Phase 1: Grading, Boutique Winery, Inn, Pool/Amenities, Utilities, Welcome Centre & 56 Lots

This client was referred to us after seeking many lenders that turned them down due to the nature of the use of loan proceeds included land grading, lots, utilities, and the housing development amenities without the construction of the homes which many lenders require. We were able to match this client with a private lender that utilizes private investors who were willing to take on a riskier investment throughout the different stages of the first phase ensuring timely allocations of funding without all the red tape a conventional lender would require. We are currently working on securing a total of $54,923 in financing for all 4 phases.

Loan Type: Bridge Loan

Loan Amount: $5.5mm

Loan Term: 9.99% 12 month Non-Recourse


3-Building Acquisition for a Family Laundromat Business

One of our favorite repeat clients immigrated to the US with the American dream of owning and operating their own business. They started out leasing the spaces for their laundromats. Years of hard work brought them success, and they took their dream a few steps further by purchasing the buildings of their leased spaces, as well as expanding their operations to new locations.
With the SBA 7A expansion loan that requires little to no down payment, they were able to purchase three locations in one year. We are currently helping with their next $1.8 million dollar building and laundromat acquisition.

Loan Type: SBA 7A “Expansion Loan

Loan Amount: 3 separate loans totalling $1,193,800

Loan Term: 6%, 10 year term, 25 year amortization


Refinancing A Cannabis Dispensary in Van Nuys, CA

Many lenders are unwilling to work with cannabis businesses. We were able to refinance the client from a short-term, high interest, two-year loan with an overdue balloon payment into an 8% fixed rate 30 yr. term through a private investor. Cannabis businesses don’t often receive a conventional rate and term. We are currently in the process of refinancing 3 of their other properties, working with other private California based investors to get them out of short term loans and into loans with the same rates and terms. *Please note: this rate and term is based solely on the available investors at the time of the loan request.

Loan Type: Refinance

Loan Amount: $2,750,000

Loan Terms: 8%, 30 year fixed rate


“Gina truly cares about her borrowers; you don’t always find that quality out there. Gina has many lending sources and knows what lender will fit the needs of her clients. Having Gina as a lending partner has truly been a great experience and pleasure.”


Laurie Peterson
EH Private Bank
Commercial Real Estate/SBA Loan Officer